Qlink contributors pool - mass participation for a discount

Qlink ico token sale, a decentralized mobile network,
is dedicated to constructing an open-source
telecom infrastructure on NEO blockchain.

To whom it may concern: We are not the Qlink Mobi team. We are not a scam.
Everyone who has the contribution (using ETH) on this website had received their QLC tokens which we buy at official Qlink ICO or in exchanges.

If you are do not recieve any tokens send us e-mail ASAP - team@qlink-ico.com and get your ETH back.
We do not able identify any and all contributors rightfully because someone sends ETH from exchanges and some marks about contributors are unavailable.
If you send ETH directly from exchange send us e-mail - team@qlink-ico.com

ICO is over! Participation was not for US, China, Russia, S.Korea citizens.
Information about tokens or refunds.

Listing: Kucoin
, HitBTC, Gate io

If you do not receive tokens before - send us email at team@qlink-ico.com and get refund.

Business Development & Marketing Team

Susan Zhou
(Hong Kong)

10+ years experience in Telecom and investment industry, Susan is in charge of Qlink overall business operation. Susan graduated from University of Hong Kong with MBA degree

Toya Zhang

Former Senior PR Manager of OKCoin and OKLink, early participant of cryptocurrency industry. In charge of Qlink’s marketing and PR activities

Roger Lim

20+ years experience in IT industry; Co-Founder & Former CEO of Webvisions; Crypto Currency & Blockchain Investor. Roger helps with Qlink's business development.

Tony Gu

Seasoned tech investor and now Managing Director of Rhodium Capital, Tony was with Sytex for DPI deployment and billing system in SEA. Tony graduated from Zhejiang University

Research & Developing Team

Allen Li

Former Huawei software engineer, multiple patents owner. Li founded Youyou Mobile and entered into data distribution business. The company has received multiple rounds of investments from LIWei, XIE-Shihuang, WANG-Lijie and Changi Airport Group in total of 30 million

ZHAO Zhijie

Senior 3GPP protocol software engineer, multiple patents owner. Successfully established Youyou Mobile`s global virtual SIM system from ground zero.


10+ internet industry software engineer with rich experience in diverse areas including SaaS system, gaming system, BOSS system and Blockchain System.


LI Wei

Founder of PineVC

Founder of Green Pine Capital Partner. A senior investor in Shenzhen with rich experience in VC investment, bond investment, M&A and IPO

XIE Shihuang

Co-founder of Alibaba

Founder of Riverhill Fund. Co-founder of Alibaba Group. Original 18 founding partners of Alibaba and former head of investment ofin Alibaba

WANG Lijie

PreAngel Fund Founder

Angel Investor of encrypt currency, In vestor of NEO and Metrovalle

Josh Dai

Former CTO of bitmain.


Partner of HongQiao Capital, early Blockchain capital investors. Angel investor of InkChain.

LU Hongliang

Founders of UT-Starcom, a global telecom infrastructure provider and a NYSE listed company. Long time partners of Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO of SoftBank.

WANG Zuguang

Ex-senior research at Bell Lab , Founding Partner in UTStarcom; Chairman of PACS Telecom Association; Former associate Chairman of Economic committee of US Republic Party.

QLC Allocation

Total Token Supply: 600 million QLC Tokens